Health care products, especially medicines that require special attention during transportation and health products including drugs, vaccines and other pharmaceuticals. These highly sensitive items are required to be contained in a temperature-controlled environment.

We provide a temperature-controlled corridor in our cargo compartments from point of loading to unloading with a temperature between 4 C to 29 C ,Whole shipments of pharmaceuticals from Mumbai to Caracass have been transported in perfect conditions allowing the products to be available for use on arrival at destination

  • Hubs with health and GDP standards
  • Temperature stability
  • Minimal level of fluctuations
  • Option to choose high level of precision and controlled shipment
  • Protection at every step of journey
  • Cool chain experts and rely on a modern freighter fleet
  • high-value temperature-sensitive shipments across global network
  • Fully compliant with IATA chapter 17
  • Quality management systems along the transportation process

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