Vehicle Transportation

Solution for transporting vehicles or fleets of vehicles securely across the globe. In today’s environment, there is a constant demand to move cars and auto-industry cargo around the world. From prototypes going for testing in extreme conditions, cars for exhibitions, racing events, and high value personal cars. We provide a dedicated SOP for air and ground transportation.

With our accumulated experience, we are able provide a quality product for an extremely demanding clientele. We have the infrastructure that meets the requirements of confidentiality, safety, and performance. ATC provides aviation solutions for vehicles, ground transportation equipment and parts. We have dedicated and trained staff for the engine-powered items.

  • Airport to airport delivery
  • Full feet transportation
  • Specialized equipment’s for handing
  • Preparation for all required documents will be done
  • Security and pre checks
  • Secure network all around world
  • Following the world wide prototype by car manufactures
  • Dedicated storage, off-loading and handling area
  • Special cranes for trucking and loading

Not sure which solution fits your business needs?

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