ATC delegates at Dubai Airshow 2019

November 23 2019

AEROTRANSCARGO FZE (ATC)  representatives headed by         “Mr. R R Rao- Director of Engineering” have represented ATC at Dubai Airshow event on 19/11/2019.

The main purpose to visit Dubai Airshow was to meet the various Vendors and Service Providers to expedite the compliance of ADS-B Out modification on AEROTRANSCARGO (ATC) fleet, which is mandated by GCAA / EASA / FAA. We had very fruitful discussions with Honeywell, Fokker, Jet Aviation & CMC Electronics.

The ATC team met with Jet Aviation Sales Director Hamzeh Zaza and Senior Director Franck Nommay from JA Zurich in the presence of Senior Honeywell representatives including Mr Raghed Talih Aerospace Leader ME and Mr S.K.Kancharla, Sales leader –UAE and KSA  and  discussed all possibilities of compliance and as the mandate deadline would be exceeded for all options.

From left: Anirudh Bhate (Honeywell), Rajesh Purbey, Ravi Ranjan, RR Rao, Sunny (Honeywell) & M J Vijeeth William

In addition, ATC representatives met some other service providers who would be able to offer us Engineering and Technical Services requirements in future. Overall, the event proved to be successful and a few good business relationships were established.

Following is the list of vendors with whom we had discussions to expedite the compliance for regulatory mandate and enquired about other Technical & Engineering services for ATC fleet of Boeing 747-400 freighter aircraft

  1. Honeywell
  2. CMC Electronics
  3. AKKA Technologies
  4. Lufthansa Technics
  5. Shannon IASC
  6. Jet Aviation
  7. GDC Technics
  8. Engine stands24
  9. Aero inspection
  10. Sky wings Aviation services
  11. Korry Electronics
  12. Air Services & Aviation Procurement Ltd.
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