Transporting healthcare products by air demands a rigorous logistical approach. If mishandled, the intactness of these products can be compromised by temperature changes during transportation.

With the pharmaceutical industry moving over one trillion dollars’ worth of cargo every year, upholding a shipment’s quality requires specific equipment, storage facilities, harmonized handling procedures and, above all, strong cooperation among the cold chain partners.

We provide a temperature-controlled corridor in our cargo compartments from point of loading to unloading with a temperature between +4°C to +29°C

  • We follow the IATA Transport of PHARMA products manual. 
  • Hubs with health and GDP standards
  • Inflight Temperature Control
  • Minimal level of fluctuations
  • Option to choose high level of precision and controlled shipment
  • Specialized in handling Pharma cargo
  • Cold chain experts and rely on a modern freighter fleet
  • high-value temperature-sensitive shipments across global network
  • Fully compliant with IATA chapter 17
  • Quality management systems along the transportation process

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