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ATC is  one of the fastest growing airline cargo company with quality deployment.  We connect different services and destinations with a fleet of digital technology and air solutions.  We strive to deliver creative supply chain solutions that help our customers to their grow business.  ATC’s expertise will resolve the customer’s requirements across all fields of aviation industry. Our specialists are well experienced and have a great knowledge in the air domain that makes the company unique in aviation industry.





ATC strives the best for a sustained growth and to maintain the reputation in the industry. We lay road for our success of being a leading aviation advisory team and cargo aircraft lessor. We never failed to guarantee access of our service anywhere across the world. No matter how challenging the destination is ATC assures excellence in the service at the shortest notice, based on customer’s needs.


ATC has FOUR important principles that symbolizes our ethical standards that supports every activities carried out by our experts with our customers.

Integrity with fair competition

ATC wants to have its business with all its customers with integrity, fair dealings and honesty. These policies will be extended in relationship with any of our clients, service provider, suppliers and even third party people and the stakeholders. ATC always believes a fair competition and will never encourage any activities that involve non ethical and unprofessional ideologies.

Professional competence

We always work with our customers in the most lawful manner and never allow any unprofessional business practices to achieve our vision. We extend this professional policy to all the people who work for us. We believe hard that following non ethical actions will only lead to failure.


The aviation industry is highly sensitive and hence required high confidentiality. We ensure our customers that all their details about the services will be maintained with a higher degree of confidentiality.


ATC makes sure that all its clients, supporters and suppliers work legally without involving into any non-ethical practices. We also extend this idea to our customers. We are committed to the international business laws and regulations and we ensure quality and safety in all our operations with our customers.

ATC was established on November 2014 and has its principle office located at Moldova and the operational office at Sharjah, UAE.


For every Private Cargo Delivery they have got really attractive Charter fare and facilities. We tried and we found it worth repeating. Now all our corporate exports are handled by ATC.

While sending our cargo we were very serious about weather conditions. But ATC guided us exactly when and where there was good and bad weather. ATC is really appreciable and trustable resource.

While boarding our plane we were very serious about weather conditions. But ATC guided us exactly when and where there was good and bad weather. ATC is really appreciable and trustable resource.Our charter flight needed some special permits when we landed in Arizona, it was extremely difficult and chaos. But thanks to ATC they got the paperwork done and we got the landing permits.

We got what our company needed charter services with full attention and care from ATC and it did not empty my Treasure. It is a firm of promise and delivery.

It was excellent working with ATC. They have crew for all types of needs and their faculty is reliable in terms of knowledge and technological experience of handling all types of cargo. This is a company worth trying for Crew Services.

As an Automotive Industry owner my first concern was importing my automobiles to different countries and getting the cargo delivered properly. We consulted ATC and they took care of our cargo in various Airports.

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