Perishable Cargo

We offer a quality service for perishable products and special cargo that require stringent environmental conditions.
We provide maximum attention to ensure the quality transportation of such products by keeping their freshness
against adverse changes in temperature or humidity. Temperature controlled containers for the transport of
perishable goods. We deliver quickly and use the protected way by following the international standards and
Our B747-400 freighter regulates temperatures in the cargo compartment between 4°C and 29°C

Main features:

  •  For breathable temperature-controlled transit
  •  Quick Ramp Transfer
  •  Limits temperature fluctuation To keep goods at the perfect chilled temperature
  •  Guards against shocks and temperature changes ,For real-time information and peace of mind
  • Time, temperature and humidity are the three key variables when it comes to shipping
  • perishable cargo.Which Cargo are Perishable?
  •  Human foodstuffs
  • Vegetables and fruits
  •  Fresh / frozen meat
  •  Fresh / frozen fish
  •  Eggs for human consumption
  •  Flowers
  •  Live organs and fresh blood samples for humans
  •  Healthcare / pharmaceutical products
  •  Plants, etc.

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