Dangerous Goods


It is anything that, if not handled correctly, could harm human, other shipments or the environment. If you are not sure, whether your shipment is dangerous or not, ask the manufacturer or supplier for a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSFD). If it contains a UN number, it is Dangerous Goods. Alternatively, you can just contact us.

We fully comply with the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations when transporting restricted goods. The shippers are responsible for identifying and classifying all dangerous goods, such as packing, marking, and labelling, in compliance with IATA regulations.

Main features:

  • Good Quality packaging on the basis of IATA DGR norms and rules
  • Non reaction between Goods and packaging material.
  • Temperature resistance
  • Special leak free containers for Infectious substances
  • Securely affixed and visible labeling for more caution
  • Quantity regulation for acceptance
  • Carried with passengers or cargo aircraft based on nature
  • FRC standards
  • Surveillance and confidentiality

Not sure which solution fits your business needs?

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